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2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Ben has
read 5 books toward his goal of 5 books.


January 9, 2012: Joined WordPress, began transferring content from the old blog
January 10, 2012: Busiest day so far at 98 views (Thank you all!)
February 9, 2012: First month anniversary, celebrate with an article on BioLite CampStoves and their great poverty alleviation business plan.  Total views to date: 461.
April 19, 2012: After a few months off to focus on school, getting back into the creative mode with some summer project ideas.  3 subscribers, 699 views.
May 8, 2012: 800 views, 6 subscribers (3 in one day!)
May 23, 2012: The day after my birthday my blog reaches 900 views all-time. “Paljon kiitoksia, kuka sinä olet” to the person from Finland who helped me reach that mark!  Summer book reading challenge is failing……
June 3, 2012: 1,000 VIEWS!!!  Thank you to everyone!
June 19, 2012: 1,250 views!  Things have started to really pick up on this site, I’m so excited.  In the past month I’ve had professional authors follow my blog, I’ve won contests, I’ve scored some writing opportunities, and ‘met’ some really cool people.  Keep those views coming, June is set to have the highest average views per day yet!
July 3, 2012: 1,500 views, I won a writing contest, and published a new Flickr Gallery!
July 30, 2012: 2,000 views.  Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed the Paint-In the Square posts!
August 13, 2012: 2,500 views!


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6 responses to “@home

    • Hi there,
      Thanks so much for finding me! Sorry I don’t have much new stuff to show you, I’ve had a very busy semester this year at school, but I’m planning on starting up with a bunch of travel things from last summer and tons more photos really soon, so check back maybe half way through May for new things! Where are you from in Canada?

      • Awesome, I’ll be sure and check back then! I’m also planning to add pictures and talk about my past travel experiences (England and Germany so far!) on my blog. Where did you travel last summer? I’m mostly from Kelowna but part time Vernon a lot as well. 🙂

      • I spent last summer working in Normandy at the Juno Beach Centre as part of a university co-op. I travelled to eight countries while I was there, so quite a few photos to go through and upload! Ah, very nice to hear from someone in the Interior. I have a few friends from there and I have been to Kelowna a few times for the RUSH Youth Conference which happens in February/March each year. Great town!

  1. Ben, Thanks for following my blog and for trying the writing exercise contest. Please revisit the post. I inadvertantly repeated one of the words for the prompt.

    The list should read:
    remain trailer music family alarm

    I hope this doesn’t cause too mucb inconvenience.
    Tori McRae
    p.s. Took a day away from my computer. When I catch up on e-mail i intend to read your posts. Your site looks very interesting.

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