Downtown Photo Walk – Victoria, April 2, 2010

Article and photos by Ben Fast


It was a dark and stormy day in downtown Victoria…

Well, almost.  It was very windy when a small group of intrepid student photographers played tag with the rain clouds and kept up with the sunshine for an afternoon of great photography and learning.  The group was primarily made up of students from the University of Victoria students in the UVic Photography Club.  Our model was Richelle G., someone who put up with plenty of unorganized prompts and misdirection about poses.

The final outcome of the day was quite a few great photos, some really cold fingers, and a great time with friends.  We all learned a lot and came away with photos in our own styles.  I found that I lean towards the darker edited photos with a lot of saturation, but others like the low-contrast look.

This set of photos is the first set of my old blog’s Photography Page, and the first to get posted to the new TWOAB Flickr account (I’ll change the name soon, I promise).  You can see the first half of these photos through the thumbnail links below, and the rest on the Flickr site.


Downtown Photo Walk – Victoria, April 2, a set on Flickr.

First Flickr set is complete!


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