Going Postal: The Mystery Sender…

The fifth edition of my column Going Postal: a Column About Postcards.

The Card, The Mystery

I spent 15 minutes in Austria once.  From all my experience with Austrians I know they have nice truck stop bathrooms and their ice cream bars are ridiculously overpriced.  I know some history about Austrians, some which I’m sure they’d like to forget.  Overall, I like the country a lot and I’m sure I’d only love it more if I could stay for longer.

The front of my “mystery” postcard from Austria. That is the ‘Rathaus’ of Graz (Town Hall).

One thing I didn’t know was that Austria has secret postcard-sending agents.

This morning I checked my mailbox, pulled out a TV Times, three bills, and a postcard.  The postcard is from Graz, Austria (a town I’ve never heard of) with a picture of a nice old building and some German words below it.  On the back…practically nothing.

With a simple “HEY MAN THIS IS WHERE I LIVE” with no punctuation or signature and half a postmark on the stamp, I didn’t have much to work with.  My productivity for the day was destroyed.

I know a few people who live in Europe, some German-speaking people as well, but to the best of my knowledge I don’t know any native Austrians, at least none who I am on very familiar terms with.

What’s Up, Austria?

It took me half of my bus ride to school (ironically on my way to a German class) to remember I had had a conversation on Facebook with my friend Alex about a photo album of cool Red Bull airplanes and other Austrian cultural things.  Austria is home to Red Bull (Salzburg), one of the world’s most prolific sponsors of extreme sports (and of course the world’s most popular energy drink).  I had told Alex that I collected postcards and that I was jealous of his amazing trip, so he said he would send me a postcard.

Now, I will admit I know nothing about Graz, and I don’t have the time to search information about it on Wikipedia, but it looks like a nice, small, quiet Austrian town in the mountains.  Alex hardly spent the time detailing what he does there or what the town is like, but maybe he’ll do that on the next one he sends!

The back of my “mystery” postcard from Alex Vargas who is living in Graz, Austria

The only thing I did learn from the card was that Rathaus means Town Hall (the building on the front).  This is very handy for a German learner like me!

Thanks a lot Alex, I hope you have a great time in Austria, however long you spend there, and I hope to hear from you again via postcard soon!


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