Island Life – Flight With Luc; May 3, 2012

What are friends for?

Taking you with them on cross-country flights so you can try your hand at aerial photography, that’s what.  And so you can have a ten-minute lunch with your cousin who is about to leave for three months in Peru.

Of course my friend Luc had a reason to go, he didn’t just want to help me out.  Luc is working on his commercial and IFR (instrument flight rules) ratings and needed to burn up some hours in cross-country flights.  He was more than willing to spend a few hours letting me keep my eyes on the ground looking for that perfect shot.

Some interesting coastal colours.

Because of weather, a flight across to the Mainland was a bit too risky for our little Cessna so we decided to head north, landing in Courtenay, a small town about half-way up Vancouver Island.

The NOTAM informed us the airspace was closed for Snowbirds practice (the Canadian Air Force demonstration team) and a CF-18 demonstration at the nearby Comox air base, but a little phone call by Luc allowed us special access to the Courtenay airspace.  We did happen to see the CF-18, but it looks a lot smaller in photos than it looked in real life (I swear!).

Can you see the CF-18?

The Courtenay airspace is uncontrolled, meaning there is no air traffic controller, but the little strip is so small and unused it doesn’t need it.  And there were two Ercoupes for sale on the ramp too!

Some things we saw while on our flight: a sunken boat, silt formations at river mouths, oyster farms, ferries, pulp mills, fishing boats, snow-covered mountains, the Gulf Islands, and the rest of our beautiful coastline.

To see some of the photos, click here to see the Flickr set.  Hope you enjoy!

A sunken boat near Bowser, BC.

Me standing on the plane that we used to fly to Courtenay and back.


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