AGGV: The Curse of the 300 Words

One of my tasks this week here at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria has been to update events calendars and do some media enquiries relating to our Paint-In the Square event in July (the event that I am helping to coordinate).  Usually this task is simple: copy and paste what has already been written into a fillable online form, add start times and contact info, and click submit.

Occasionally, like with Tourism Victoria or the CBC, it gets a little more exciting by needing a summary or even a word limit, but generally editing goes pretty quickly and the event is listed in no time.

The last contact on my list was Victoria Mom Now, a start-up website that publicizes to moms in Victoria (duh).  They responded to my request for information by saying they wanted 300 original words about the event directed at moms and not promotional in nature.  This would be a tough task for a single male history student who had instructions to be promotional…

After a few drafts, in-office emails, and phone calls to the Gallery’s PR firm (Good Relations), an acceptable article was finalized.  What people might not have seen was me toiling and fretting over my keyboard trying to figure out how to promote two major events (we included the Moss Street Paint-In) and a blurb about the Gallery itself in 300 words.  I could have written a page about the just the Square but I needed to cut it down, and I was frustrated by the amount I had to include.

It was good practice for me as a writing student, to learn to write concisely, and I did get it down to 297 words.  The reaction from VMN was great, they loved it and want more.  But how to fit it in 300– — — — — — —


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