Postcards to Mackinac – and Victoria!

I haven’t written much about postcards lately.  I think the main reason was because I was busy with school and I couldn’t really find anything too interesting to say about the ones I got.  I was on a word binge at the time, my average post length up around 1,000 words, and that alone could have done it.  Hard to write an essay about a postcard.

But it’s summer!  People are travelling.  (I should be travelling).  My energy has returned, if not my spare time, and I have been getting back into the swing of things with this blog.  So bring on the postcards.

Or not.

It’s really hard to think about postcards when you’re stuck in an office all day.  My experience with summer so far has been looking out the bay windows in the Spencer Mansion or my one weekly cricket game – which, let’s face it, hasn’t been all to enjoyable in the rain and wind we’ve had here all month!  I don’t know how adults do it…

I find it very hard to think of postcards when I’m at home.  I’ll think how cool they look and how great it would be to receive one, but they don’t hold the same desire as when I’m travelling, seeing new sights and wondering how much international postage is.

It also doesn’t help that my friends don’t send me postcards.  I have some great friends who, when begged, will send me one or two gems from their travels, but the others don’t have the same appreciation for the lost art of postcards (which ISN’T A LOST ART!!!).

Time for some new friends.

Cue the internet – not the best place to make friends, kids – and other people as devoted to postcards as I.  A click here, scroll there, and I’ve found one!  My new inspiration, someone who appreciates postcards and has a great idea for getting them.  Heather May from Mackinac Island.

Heather has a great muse for postcards: she lives in one of the coolest places in Michigan.  In the tourist season she makes fudge and other sweet stuff May’s Famous Fudge (and trust me, it’s famous) and in the off-season works as a fine arts teacher in the local public school.  I’ve always admired fine arts teachers, they always seem to have such good ideas, no matter what the subject, and Heather is no different.

Heather’s idea for “Postcards to Mackinac” is to have people write in about their favourite memory of Mackinac Island.  The island is a very popular tourist destination and draws countless thousands of visitors each year.  Although she’s probably seen it all, Heather is making that personal connection that postcards are so good at providing.  She’s saying “tell me a story of your trip” but she’s reversed the roles.  Now she’s being told about the tourist destination…when she’s already at the tourist destination!

I think this is a great idea not just to avoid the awkward “please send me random postcards” plea, but also to make Heather take a second look at her home town.  I’ve lived in Victoria all my life, but sometimes it takes a tourist to point something out to me.  I’m sure Heather will experience many of the same feelings as she reads her Postcards to Mackinac.

This all brings me to my summer idea, a blatant rip-off of Heather, and I hope she doesn’t mind that.  Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is send me a postcard and tell me your favourite memory or story or even souvenir from your trip to Victoria.  To keep with the Island theme, I’ll take any postcards with stories about Vancouver Island – and that is much bigger than Mackinac so there should be plenty of people who fall into that category.  Bonus points for people sending actual Victoria postcards!

Send your postcard, with your story, to me at:

Ben Fast / 988 Annie St. / Victoria, BC / V8X 3E9 / Canada

And, if you’ve been to Mackinac Island, send one to Heather too!

17 responses to “Postcards to Mackinac – and Victoria!

  1. Great idea! 😉 hehe, no I don’t mind at all, I actually have been getting some great mail lately, and it’s fun seeing what other people really truly like about my hometown. I hope you get lots of postcards!!

    • Hi Heather! Love your postcard idea, hoping to incorporate something similar into my blog in the near future because I live in a touristy town myself. 🙂 Any tips/advice to someone starting out?

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  3. Hey Befaster… somehow I didn’t know you were doing this, so I’m just finding out about your challange now…and dude, this is the BEST IDEA ever! (Thanks Heather!) While I was in England (and later Germany) i collected a postcard from each city/village I visited (often choosing an aerial view since my camera couldn’t capture that!) and now they’re a great wall collage in my bedroom. But this idea of receiving postcards is awesome (maybe because I live in a touristy town myself!)
    a. look for a postcard from me in the next while 😉
    b. I’m going to incorporate a form of this idea for myself (just have to figure it out!) 😉

    • That’s excellent! I like the idea of having the wall collage, I would do that but I keep telling myself I’m going to make an album someday so I can see both sides. What town do you live in again? I live in a touristy town, but I still manage to find it difficult to buy postcards from here (I guess I’m just never in the touristy section…). I’m excited to get one! Could you link mine and Heather’s posts to yours so we can keep the ball rolling? …or the postcards sending? And that way I can get your address and send you one too!!!

      In terms of tips to do it, just make a reason for people to send you one. People who will send you a card are already interested in postcards, so they don’t need to be begged, they just need a reason. Something like asking for a story is a good idea. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  4. I’m sending you a Victoria postcard, but, as you know, it has strings and you’ll be sending it back to me 🙂 But it can stay and visit you all summer and you can show it around and take pictures of it in popular places. Wait …. that’s Flat Stanley.

    Thank you for adopting an orphaned postcard! It will be in the mail on Thursday as tomorrow is one of the few holidays in the US that hasn’t been moved to a Monday.

    • Yes, I know, strings attached… I had never heard of Flat Stanley before, cool idea! I can take some pictures with it, especially in Beacon Hill Park. I’ll probably send it back to you decently quick though, otherwise I’d forget.

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  6. I once again have unintentionally broken the mold and sent you a postcard with a story about the Sunshine Coast instead of Vancouver Island. I do what I want! Even when I don’t mean to!

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  9. Hey there! Just wanted to check in ~ I sent out a package your way back in July, was wondering if it made it to you?

    • I was just about to message you actually, I got it the day before I went away on holidays! Thank you so much, I will have a blog post up about it soon, just school is starting and catching up after some time away… It tastes SO GOOD!!! So you are actually part of “the family”? That is amazing! You rock, thanks for sending it out to me, I love it so much. Anything you want from Canada?

      • Oh, good to hear! I was worried that maybe I didn’t fill out the right paperwork for it to leave the country! I’m glad it made it to you and that you enjoyed it. And yes, I am a 4th generation candy maker, it all started with my great-grandfather. I now work with my dad (owner), and older brother and sister. Fun times!

        Since I’ve never really visited Canada, I don’t even know what I should want…. ! Got anything fudge-related? Or a Canadian candy delicacy? Or maybe just another postcard? I can always use more of those 🙂

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