AGGV: Let Me Show You My Teeth

This is the cover for the new AGGV Gallery Guide (July-September 2012) which is basically the quarterly brochure about what is happening at the Gallery.  The last cover featured the serene image of William Kurelek’s Ukrainian Pioneer #6 painting, a nice pastoral piece…with a small mushroom cloud in the distance, granted.

This month is something completely different!  In preparation for the Beyond Likeness exhibition (Contemporary Works from the Portrait Gallery of Canada – opening September 21), the Gallery guide features a detail of a portrait of David Cronenberg holding back his bottom lip and exposing his lower left molars.  The photo was taken in 1999 by Richard Ansett who will be featured in the exhibition.

To see the rest of the Gallery Guide, click here, or pop by the Gallery for a visit!


5 responses to “AGGV: Let Me Show You My Teeth

  1. hi befaster…this is an image that was acquired by the PGC about 4 years ago but was shot in 1999 to mark the release of Existenz.

    I saw the film before the shoot and thought the idea of the flesh gun to get through security was a great idea and wanted to incorporate that and something of Cronenberg’s interior.

    I had a very short space of time in a very boring hotel to get a portrait of him in London, so asking him to collaborate in the idea was a risk as otherwise i had nothing else interesting to fall back on. Thank you DC for getting it! He posed for about three frames.

    As an aside story, i watched almost all of his films in preparation for the shoot, knowing i had such a short time to persuade him; i wanted to meet him in a kind of ‘Cronenbergian’ state that he might recognise on some subconscious level.

    By the time of the preview of ExistenZ and the shoot, a completely inexplicable large lump appeared on the bottom of my foot which i could put pressure on and I ended up on crutches. When the shoot was over the lump disappeared very quickly and still to this day have no idea what it was or what caused it, except probably the exposure to too much Cronenberg.

    I didn’t realise they were using this for the cover, thanks for posting it; the quality looks pretty ropey on this reprduction, I promise you the print itself is much better quality. Shot on 120 Fuji RDP 100, printed as a C-type archival 20×24″.

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks so much for finding this blog, that is an amazing story to hear! I can’t wait to pass this along to the AGGV staff who will also be very interested to hear about that.

      I will admit that I know little about Cronenberg or his movies, but I’m slowly starting to watch them. I’ll do my best to watch this soon so I can see your inspiration.

      As to the quality, this is a low quality of the scanned Gallery Guide (the link should open a better sized one) because I have the free version of WordPress with the size limits. I look forward to seeing the original when it gets to the Gallery in the fall.

      Thanks for your comment, it is great to hear the stories from the pros! What type of camera did you use?


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