Postcards, Summer 2012: Pink Mustaches with Fleas

Mia’s wonderful “Pink Mustaches with Fleas” postcard. Made by The Regional Assembly of Text and sent from Bowen Island.

Postmark: 640719 | JUN 23 2012 | Bowen Island BC | VoN 1G0

I got my first postcard from my summer postcard challenge!  I put out a plea for postcards from people who have visited my island – based off Heather May’s idea from Mackinaw Island – with the instructions to write down a story about a favourite experience here.  I figured I might get one, maybe two, but that it might take a while to get to me.  Little did I know…

While the first card to come in wasn’t from a complete stranger, it was exactly what I was looking for.  My friend Mia, someone I know from university, had been planning to send me a postcard this summer from her home of Bowen Island (another cool place I must visit someday) but found this gem at Vancouver’s The Regional Assembly of Text (a store I really like although I’ve never been there…yet).  She then saw my post asking for stories from my home island and knew she had to jump on the bandwagon.

A few days later and it’s here at my door.  A crazy funny postcard with seven pink mustaches drawn on as if by hand, with little black dots among them.  I’m not entirely sure what the inspiration is (or Mia’s message to me – I used to have a beard) but I did find it quite funny.

Mia’s message, written in amazingly precise and beautiful blue script, describes how she and her family would visit a cabin in the Comox Valley every summer.  The cabin is owned by her grandparents.  The Comox Valley is a beautiful place and I can easily identify with her description of carefreeness when visiting.  I too have spent many summer weeks in the region and think it is one of my favourite locations on the Island.

Mia does have one interesting written note on the card.  Just before starting her story, she begins her sentence with “Welp.”  I’m not sure if it was a mistake and she meant “well,” or if it is some cool Bowen Island slang, but I hope she tells me sometime.

If you’re interested some really amazing art, why don’t you check out Mia’s Tumblr and through that her gallery.  Hope you like what you see (I know I do!).  Mia and I, chatting about the postcard this evening, came up with this question: can you make homemade postcards and send them through the mail, or are there specific rules about that?  If anyone knows, feel free to post in the comments below!

Keep those postcards coming!  If you include some way to contact you I will be sure to send one in return!


5 responses to “Postcards, Summer 2012: Pink Mustaches with Fleas

  1. Thanks for posting about my card Ben! I assure you there’s no hidden meaning behind the pink staches with fleas, I just thought the card was funny 🙂

    I’ve actually never been to the Cowichan Valley, though I should like to check it out sometime! My cabin is in the Comox Valley, perhaps my handwriting is not so precise after all.

    Welp = goofy way of saying well, not sure where I picked that one up, it could very well be from Bowen though!

    You can expect my next card to be from the B-Isle itself!

    • I better check the card again. If I just type the wrong place I will quickly edit it. If you wrote it wrong, then I’m keeping it in there but making a not of your silly handwriting 😛 Either way, I usually spend bits of my summers in both places, so my point stands (phew)! The card was great, thanks and look for yours sometime soon!

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