New LomoWall – Holga Dreams

(This is a bit of a sneak preview to some articles I’m going to write for both Lomography and this blog.)  To begin with, let me quickly say I’ve been taking part in the Holga Dreams Workshop, an analogue photography workshop taught by Tony Bounsall through the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria.  It was a free workshop which took ten students through the process of taking pictures with the Holga 120 N, processing with techniques that could be reproduced at home, and then organizing and running a gallery show.  The classes are all finished now, so all that is left is the show which will run from July 17-30 at the Cafe Gallery at the Arts Centre at Cedar Hill (in Victoria, BC).

As analogue photographers are want to do, I shared these photos on my Lomohome (Lomography’s picture sharing/social media portion).  They’ve gotten quite a bit of attention already in just two days, my photo of my friend Stephanie (which will be one of my two images in the show) has already shot to one of my most popular photos!  Adam Griffiths (adam_g2000 on Lomography – a very talented photographer from New Zealand and writer of amazing tipster articles) went so far as to like all 23 photos in the Holga Dreams album.  Thanks Adam, I appreciate it!  I’ll also send a shoutout to gengorou from Japan and kimpy05 from the Philippines who both had some great feedback.

One of the things I like to do with my favourite photos is make a LomoWall.  Basically a rectangular collage of photos – 60 squares which can be filled in varying sizes – this LomoWall is what visitors first see when they make it to my Home.  I have had one themed around photos of family and friends for a while now and thought a good change could be accomplished with a sea of bleached-red photos!  Here’s the final outcome:

My Holga Dreams Workshop LomoWall.  Click for larger image.

If you like what you see, check out my other analogue photos on Lomography.


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