Stephanie: the Living Room Session


In celebration of 500 visitors in June and 1,500 total (being passed today, one more to come…), I bring you this amazing photo set of my friend Stephanie. We took these in my living room and they were tons of fun to do, so thanks to Stephanie for being such a good sport and such an amazing (and beautiful) person!

The photos were taken on a Nikon D80 with my new Nikkor 50mm lens and also a Tamron 18-200mm lens. The flash is built-in, but I also rigged up some hot lights out of lamps and other things. There are a few shots where the lighting came from a Diana F+ flash unit triggered by Stephanie in the dark. Colours have been tweaked in Adobe Lightroom, but nothing major.

The point of this shoot was to experiment with portraiture as part of the Holga Dreams workshop (see the photos taken on the Holga 120N here) as well as to take some musician’s headshots for Stephanie as she prepares for music school in New York City. Unfortunately…Stephanie forgot her instrument at the Conservatory, so this ended up being just for fun!

Thanks Stephanie, and all the best in NYC!


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