AGGV: Paint-In the Square Day 1

The calendar for the week of July 16-20 showing some of the major events in Victoria during the time of the Paint-In the Square. Busy town!

The Paint-In the Square began on Monday, July 16 in Centennial Square.  The weather was gorgeous, the Square was clean, and everybody showed up on time.  A big thanks goes to George and Steven from the City and McPherson Playhouse Theatre for making our lives super easy and giving us pretty much anything we asked for.

The day began by picking up some open house signs from a family friend at Dutton’s Real Estate.  These metal A-Frames were to be used as our artist signs during the week, using Coroplast inserts with plastic sleeves made by myself and Roger from the AGGV.  The signs worked remarkably well all week and only a little bit of the tape pealed on the Sun-facing side.

The Square before everything was set up…

Because Monday was the first day in the Square, the entire Paint-In Team from the AGGV came down to support me and help get everything in place.  Mary-ellen, Jennifer, and Bruce were all there at 9 and M-e’s husband Steven was “voluntold” to attend as well.  We had that Square sparkling with AGGV fever in no time flat!  The City of Victoria set up a 30’x30′ tent that would serve as our home base through the week, we decorated it, and then added things like walls from Sooke Fine Arts Society which would house the Children’s Art Exhibition organized by renowned local First Nations artist Carey Newman.

The nine artists who came down to the Square on Monday included some giants of the Victoria art scene as well as some newcomers who are making their permanent mark on the City.  Here’s the list:

It was a great day of figuring out Victoria’s newest plein air art festival and I couldn’t have done it without the help of all the volunteer, AGGV staff, artists, and sponsors.

Bob McPartlin (left) and Haren Vakil scout painting muses for Monday’s Paint-In the Square.  McPartlin and Vakil were wo of the most prominent and recognized artists in the Square on Monday.

Bob McPartlin’s painting in progress.

Dawn Joy Ritchie shows the assemblage art visitors helped her with in the Square.

Keith Levang focuses on his painting of the corner of Pandora Ave. and Government St.

A special mention goes here to Joseph Williams (left) who called me the week before the Paint-In the Square and saved my bacon by saying he would be interested in participating.  I had just heard the news that one of my previously selected artists pulled out with a hand injury, so having Joseph step in so easily was amazing.  Without anything large prepared for the day, Joseph, an illustrator and drawer, worked on his TD Art Gallery Paint-In project (the “Monster Paint-In” poster) that would be displayed on Saturday on Moss Street.  Thanks Joseph!

Kathleen Lane made it on the front page of the Times Colonist on July 17! Thanks to the TC for coming down and sharing the Square with Victoria. Photo source: Darren Stone,, July 16, 2012.


And to cap it all off, we made the front page of the Times Colonist the next morning!  Kathleen Lane, herself an accomplished artist, told us this was a big moment as she had beaten her daughter (also an accomplished artist) into the paper!  Congrats Kathleen, and thanks to the TC staff for stopping by and giving us some amazing press!  Read the whole article here.

Chris Broadbent made it into the paper as well, in the Arts section with the article linked to Kathleen’s photo.

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The views expressed in these blog posts are my own.  They do not reflect the beliefs or views of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria or the University of Victoria and its associated programs.  While accepted by both the Gallery and the UVic HFPW Co-op Department, this blog is written under my own initiative and prerogative.

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