AGGV: Paint-In the Square Day 2

The calendar for the week of July 16-20 showing some of the major events in Victoria during the time of the Paint-In the Square. Busy town!

Oh the beautiful sun!  Thanks for coming back out on our second day at Centennial Square.

Tuesday marked the beginning of something regular.  After having six people helping with set-up on Monday, Tuesday saw just Steven T. and myself putting up the 8′ tall walls used for the Children’s Art Exhibition, the tables for the info tent and the art making activity, and all the other signage and decorations.  Luckily enough we didn’t need to take down the massive Info Tent each night!

We beat the previous day’s set-up time by half and were able to accomplish things not done the day before (like unloading the van and having it moved before the artists arrived).  All artists signs held out after being poorly packed away in the van (my fault) and proved really easy to change names each day.

We had our desired 10 artists in the Square on Tuesday (and it would stay that way through Thursday) but I was surprised at how busy that felt.  There wasn’t much more than 10 feet per artist available around the fountain (measuring it beforehand would have been a good idea) but each day saw about three artists bring much smaller set-ups, so space could be negotiated with ease.

Only one artist returned from Monday, the now-locally-famous Kathleen Lane.  It was great to have her back, and she even managed to sneak onto the news as well (see below).  Here’s Tuesday’s List:

Adelle Andrew

Eva Campbell paints a lady inspired by Adelle’s jacket.

Fran Baskerville

Irma Soltonovich works while sitting on the fountain’s edge.  The fountain was stuccoed in the late 60’s to stop hippies from loitering in the Square, or so the story goes…

Jim McFarland optimized his small station by using my artist sign as a display case!  Great painting though Jim, the CRD building never looked better.  I’m a big fan of Jim’s work and watching him create these pieces, and similarly Bob McPartlin from the day before (but I might get in trouble if I say they are the same style or technique, since I really know little about art…).

The first of three days for Kim Nilson (the longest stretch for an artist in the Square, thanks Kim!), so I’ll tell you more about this great guy later, but here he is starting to clean up his log.  When I asked him if he’d be finished by the end of the three days, he responded with “it’ll take me three weeks.”

I was glad to have put Lisa where she was in the circle of artists.  Although we never had any problems in the Square, there were some…interesting visitors to some of the booths.  I’ll just say I was happy with the coincidence that she ended up between the man with the razor-sharp chisels and this guy:

Russ Layton looks like he could tackle the bulls that he modelled his studio name after.  We joked through his two days in the Square that he was the strongman of the group because he picked up two of those concrete blocks holding his tent down and carried them a block to his car without any problem.  He was a big fan of Charbel’s falafels too (see tomorrow).  His work is really interesting and unique, somewhere between painting and illustrating with a bit of graphic design.  He also did work on other materials including an old leather jacket.  See an example below.

Susan Underwood was one of my mom’s favourite artists in Saturday’s Paint-In because she does work with books and other papercraft.  Susan’s tent was popular with her examples of printmaking and the tactile pleasure of her books.

We made it on TV today as well!  CTV did some reporting in the Square and helped show off this amazing outdoor event.  The weather couldn’t have been better and the feedback was great.  See the clip below (we are the first half).  Adam Sawatsky from CTV did come back later in the week, but only to catch Mary-ellen and talk with her about Saturday’s Paint-In.

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The views expressed in these blog posts are my own.  They do not reflect the beliefs or views of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria or the University of Victoria and its associated programs.  While accepted by both the Gallery and the UVic HFPW Co-op Department, this blog is written under my own initiative and prerogative.

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