AGGV: Paint-In the Square Day 4

The calendar for the week of July 16-20 showing some of the major events in Victoria during the time of the Paint-In the Square. Busy town!

I will update this post with new pictures as they come in from Gallery photographer Peter Reid.

My focus for today’s post is the Children’s Art Making Activity.  In the afternoons during the week, Sandi Henrich, a Studio Educator from the AGGV’s education programs, came down to present free drop-in art classes for kids and families visiting the Square.  This project was designed to exposed kids to making art, provide parents with something exciting to bring their kids to, and also promote what was on at the Gallery.  The activities alternated between Emily Carr and William Kurelek (although the little kids’ art tended to be very similar no matter what colours or techniques were used) and examples of those artists were present as well.  The activity was sponsored by Island Blue Print (who also support local writers, let me add) by donating all the art supplies.

Jeff Martin, my all-week volunteer, helping set up the kids activity. Thanks to all you volunteers out there!

Stories from the week include brand new babies holding paint brushes for the first time, three seniors from a local care home having an outing to the Square and trying art (kids of all ages, right?), and some summer camps and international students getting a break from the tedium of the classroom.  Thanks goes to Sandi and to the Island Blue Print staff for making this activity a huge success, and to the volunteers who worked with the kids each day, often going home covered in glitter!

Thursday is what I like to think of as my fun day.

Blue skies over City Hall!

The sun came back out, Kim returned for his final day, Sandhu was back at it with his speedy painting, and some fun new people arrived like Melanie and Ron who were both always up for a joke, there was a print-making demonstration to try, Nancy brought her amazing energy and smile, and Timothy’s Canadiana paintings were a special education for the group of international students who arrived, just to name a few.

Here’s the List:

Some images from the week’s Childrens’ Art Making Activity.  Lots of laughs were shared and many new discoveries of art (and even some hidden talent).  Thanks to Sandi for making it a huge success, and to Island Blue for your sponsorship.

David Hunwick and his model.  Notice how he used driftwood to shape the hair.  If you’re interested in massive sculptures, check out David’s mold of a BLUE WHALE SKELETON!

Ground Zero Printmakers demonstrate their printmaking techniques.

Kim Nilson’s sculpture demo (also known as his piece of art – you can see the bulrushes starting to take shape) was a big hit on Thursday.  Here some international students try their hand at wood and soap stone sculpture techniques, and I think Kim had a lot of fun teaching them as well.  Thanks for three great days in the Square, Kim!

Melanie took a lot of ribbing from Noah and I (Noah came back for a second day to serve as a model) because he had been telling me all day on Wednesday that he’d be coming back for some nude modelling and had told me Melanie was the one who suggested it.  Of course it was all a lark and Noah kept his clothes on, Melanie worked on a great sculpture, and fun times were had by all.

Ah, gotta love that smile!  Nancy brought a huge amount of energy to what was already an action packed day.  Running around visiting other artists, working on her own large pastel piece, or emphatically talking the proverbial ear off the 25th Anniversary Paint-In Video cameraman Larry, Nancy was everywhere.  A big hit with a group of Québécois students to come through and all other visitors.

Ron Wilson, who you could call an international man of…art, works on a river scene, slightly different from the water feature in front of him (although the blue is a similar hue).  It was great to see Ron on Saturday again and catching up on what he thought of his day in the Square.

Sandhu, one of my favourite watercolour artists after discovering his work, worked really quickly while in the Square and managed to get somewhere around six pieces done in each of his two days.  Sandhu and I were able to talk sports (cricket and soccer) during the Paint-In party on Saturday.  Sandhu is also a full-time cardiac nurse and had some hilarious stories about reactions to him being a nurse and watercolour artist, but that’s for another blog post.  Here Sandhu, a friend of many Gallery staff, chats with Toby and Nicolle as they visit the Square.

Steve Kergin gave me one of the best complements of the week when he said he really appreciated my well-designed name signs.  Means a lot coming from a graphic designer, especially since I’m not necessarily artistically inclined!

Timothy works on a painting rig that he brought to the square on his bike.  Talk about sustainable art!

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The views expressed in these blog posts are my own.  They do not reflect the beliefs or views of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria or the University of Victoria and its associated programs.  While accepted by both the Gallery and the UVic HFPW Co-op Department, this blog is written under my own initiative and prerogative.  All subjects have signed photo releases.

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