Call for Cards: 2012 Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics are in full swing already and I’m excited to see as many events as I can fit into my schedule (and into my PVR).  I love the Olympics, I love learning about new sports and I love seeing how the drama unfolds.  I will admit a bit (just a bit) of bias towards Canada, but most importantly I like the idea of the best athletes from all the nations of the world competing fairly against each other (now “fairly” and political issues and other things are all other matters that I won’t go into now).

We had the Olympics here in BC in 2010 with Vancouver and Whistler co-hosting what was a very succesful and exciting Winter Games.  I personally had the lucky chance to attend the opening ceremony of the 2010 Paralympic Games in Vancouver’s BC Place stadium as well as two sledge hockey games and a curling event, and I can tell you that seeing an Olympic event is something special.  There were 100,000 wet eyeballs when that 12-year-old lit the cauldron.

Designed by Elena Marchese from London, this postcard pays homage to the city’s temperamental weather. Do you have a card like this that you could send me?

After having such a special and close-to-home Games just two years ago, I’m feeling a bit of Olympic withdrawal this year.  I wish I could be in London, wearing bright red and waving my flag, meeting people from around the world, and enjoying seeing the best sporting events ever (although I’m glad I’m missing the traffic and delays and whatnot).  The only way I can figure getting involved in the Games this year is to ask for postcards from London (or anywhere else in the world) that have Olympic themes.

Send all postcards, stamp collections, memorabilia, and medals to me at this address:

Ben Fast
988 Annie St.
Victoria, BC
V8X 3E9

If you, your family, or your friends are in London and watching the games (in person or on TV, no matter), please send me a card from the Olympics and maybe even include a story about your experiences. What is it like, what have you seen, what’s your favourite story so far?

If you’re watching from afar, same thing applies to you.  Maybe your country has a special Olympic postcard or stamp series commemorating your athletes.  Tell me who you’re cheering for (even though Canada’s gonna win!).  I’d love to see them!

This idea came to me only while watching the Opening Ceremonies and after I already made my Summer 2012 postcard prompt, so I know it is a bit of short notice to my friends already in London, but I’d really appreciate it.  You know how much I love postcards!  I’ll do anything for the person (or better: people) who sends me some postcards.  Thanks everyone!

A special Olympic stamp series for the ’84 games in LA.

Melbourne’s Games in ’56 had its own postcard and stamp. Courtesy of the Museum Victoria Australia.

This one really interests me, a card from the ’36 Olympics in Berlin, the ones often known as the “Hitler Olympics.”  Again notice the swastika and the Olympic rings on the postmark.  This would be a great one to have in a postcard collection.  The ’36 Games were the final Games before the Second World War and before London’s previous Games in ’48.  Tokyo was supposed to host the 1940 Summer Games with Sapporo hosting the Winter Games (and eventually Switzerland, and then again Germany, all times offset by political conflicts with the IOC and eventually war).  London was scheduled to host the 1944 Summer Games (given the Games in 1948 without election) and Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy for the Winter Games, although St. Moritz, Switzerland eventually hosted them in 1948.




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