Going Postal: Shanghai Noon

This is the 10th installment in my Going Postal: A Column About Postcards.

Shanghai postcard sent June 30, 2012 by Mary Weber.  Arrived in Victoria, BC July 24, 2012.

Mary, an old friend from a one-time meeting in Wisconsin, has been doing an internship in Shanghai for the past few months.  She usually sends me a postcard from wherever she goes and remains a good friend even 5 years after we last saw each other in person.  This card features the Shanghai waterfront with the Pearl Tower in prominence.  You can read about her trip on her blog.

One exciting bit of information in Mary’s card indicates that she might be visiting Canada sometime soon!  Hey Mary: drive to the border then turn left.  I’m the last stop before Japan.

The stamp from Mary’s card, 4.50 Yuan (I think that’s how it’s spelled…):

Mary is coming home in a matter of days, so this was perfect timing.  Safe travels home Mary and maybe we’ll run into each other sometime soon!


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