Going Postal: The Secret Envelope

This is the 12th episode of the Going Postal: A Column About Postcards trilogy.

Something flimsy came into my mailbox last week.

A picture print, 4×5, came to me from a polite person in the US (I say polite because they asked the postal service to “please deliver to” me).  I’m not entirely sure that’s legal, sending a photo through the mail, because I thought postcards had to be a certain thickness, but it made it to me without incident.

This slightly blurry photo of what I later found out was a wedding cake, had taped to the back a small yellow envelope marked “STUFF.”

Another example of how America stamps mean forever!

The envelope, another thing I’m not sure is completely legal, had its own postmark.  Sealed with a special polka dot piece of tape, the envelope had two letters tightly folded up inside.  I’ve never received a postcard with its own letter, let alone two!

The first piece of paper, a beehive stationary, told me all about who sent it to me.  Shannah, from Louisiana, was someone I had sent a postcard to a month ago.  I found her through sendsomething.net, a sort of pen pal networking site where you send something to whoever you want.  People put a short bio, fictional or real, their address, and their interests, and hope something comes to them.  Shannah had put a description along the lines of liking art and being very excited to have just turned 21.  I sent her a postcard from my work and the Kurelek exhibition and wished her happy birthday.

She liked it!  Of course, as is true of many people outside of Canada, she had never heard of William Kurelek, but hopefully I’ve introduced her to one of Canada’s best painters.  Other mentions in her letter include wondering what I do with my photography and writing.  Shannah is apparently an up and coming author, having sent a book to a local publisher, but sadly getting rejected…this time.

J.K. Rowling is one of Shannah’s inspirations because she was rejected by many publishers before getting her Harry Potter series published. Rowling is now the best-selling author of all time (fame and harassment by the media making her extremely reclusive however) and is a “gazillionaire” now, as Shanna puts it. I guess you could say she’s ‘Rowling’ in it…

I don’t think I’ll end up in fiction, although I’m definitely interested in it, but if Shannah becomes the next Rowling, I can say I encouraged her on her way!  Go get ’em, Shannah!

The second piece of paper is a unique wide mouth character who is ‘speaking’ the writing to me.  I love the design!  It explains that Shannah actually painted the wedding cake on the front.  Maybe she should stick with the more successful wedding industry?

Thanks Shannah for getting back to me with this awesome and unique postcard/photo/envelope.  I promise I’ll send one back soon after my busy weeks are over.  In the meantime dear readers, why not check out Shannah’s blog.  In the link I’ve posted ← there, you can see my card!  You can also see that this Southern Belle is quite popular in the mailing world, a pro with a package, and a genius the craft glue.  All the best Shannah, hope to see you back in the blogging world soon!


2 responses to “Going Postal: The Secret Envelope

  1. Thank you for this post! I will be sure to link a post to your review of my mail!

    Oh, and another thing I must say is when it comes to the rules and regulations of mail, there are NO rules and regulations to mail! I mean, they have written a book on what is acceptable and not acceptable… I have successfully broken ALL of these rules! I do it daily! 😉 Stay tuned for my next blog post and you will see what I mean! I received the most interesting mail in all my 8 years of penpalling just yesterday!

    Oh, and sorry the picture was so blurry! It was taken on a camera phone I believe! Still, a picture is a picture and they are all gems that speak a thousand words! 🙂

    Have a nice day and keep up the good work with your befasterblog!

    • Aha, I see what you mean. What a crazy idea for a package and letter! I’m pretty sure there are rules, especially here in Canada, but I guess if breaking them still gets the mail to the person then why the heck not?! You’re welcome for the post, thanks for the link, thanks for the mail, and check your mailbox in about two weeks. See you around!

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