Going Postal: My First Postcrossing!

Lucky number 13 of the Going Postal: A Column About Postcards column that considers itself riskier than most elevators or grocery stores who skip the number 13.

It arrived!  After six months being registered on the Postcrossing site and one month of sending cards with some problems (let’s call it a re-investment in the hobby) I have finally received my first card!

How Tongyeong looks today. Is the old map accurate?

Eun Jeong (thankfully she wrote her name in English alongside the Korean) sent a card from her holiday in Tongyeong.  The card is an old map of that city showing its peninsula location and sheltered harbour.  Looks like a nice place to spend a summer!  Eun Jeong is a lucky lady.

Eun Jeong lives in South Korea’s second largest city Busan (second to Seoul).  It looks like a nice place, but getting out of the huge city must be nice.  An interesting fact about Busan: it has the world’s largest department store, the Shinsegae store in Centum City!  I’m not sure I’d want to shop there actually…  Busan is also the Korean Baseball Capital.

The world’s largest department store.

Anyways, the point of this post is to show my excitement about getting my first Postcrossing card.  The more I send the more I receive, but I’m stuck at a five travelling card limit (five cards in transit at one time) until I reach some unknown limit.  Of course, since I probably messed up the postage, three of my five might not make it to their recipients and I’ll be stuck at my limit for a while…

The Postcrossing method is requesting an address and then sending a postcard with a code to said recipient.  When the card arrives, the code is registered on Postcrossing.com and the card is listed as received.  The code for this card was KR-44635.  Now I know it works!

Thanks Eun Jeoung, I really like your card and like what you wrote on it.  Thanks for being my first Postcrossing sender!

Photos: Wikipedia

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