Summer 2012 Yashica

Cousins Re-unitedDowntown Double ExposureCoho leaving Victoria 3Coho leaving Victoria 2Coho leaving Victoria 1Downtown 1
Truck Show 5Truck Show 4Truck Show 3Truck Show 2Truck Show 1Cute House
Anacortes FerryThe light-up whale on Sidney's fishing pierChinese-made imitation YakClassic flight443 Squadron Sea KingA-26 used as a water bomber
RCN Harvard 2RCN Harvard 1The Cockpit

Summer 2012, a set on Flickr.

Just a quick post to show you some of the pictures I took on my friend Dirk’s Yashica-C twin-lens reflex camera mainly in the month of August. Included are some shots from the BC Air Museum’s open house, some photos from around Sidney and Victoria, and some shots from the truck show at the Saanich Historical Society. I think these are a little washed out because of the scanner, but being true to the analogue tradition, I haven’t tweaked them…yet. Enjoy!


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