Fudge You! My Amazing Postal Experience With Food

Some of you may have been reading this site for long enough to remember my attempt at making new friends on the internet.  Normally I wouldn’t recommend doing this, but for once in my life the results were amazing!

Heather May, the lady from Mackinac Island who originally sparked my idea for getting postcards about my city, sent me a package a few weeks ago.  It was heavy.

I had sent Heather a postcard about her amazing little island back in July and she sent me the package in early August, and I will admit right now that I’m lazy and slow and didn’t put this post up until now for that reason.  Sorry Heather!  In my postcard I selflessly (and blatantly) hinted that sending fudge would be a great idea.  And she sent some!

I can hear my grandma saying “now Ben, how come you’re accepting candy from strangers?”  Well, grandma…it tastes so good!  Heather is not your average candy-giving stranger either.  She’s the fourth generation of one of America’s most famous candy making families: the May’s.

May’s Candy Shop on Mackinac Island is home to May’s Famous Mackinac Fudge®, what might just be the best fudge made in North America.  Heather’s great-grandfather William May started the business in 1881 in Kansas, and his son moved to Mackinac Island, MI where the business remains today.  Everything they sell is made in-house but is shipped around the world.

Heather works as a candy maker in the busy summer season, but also teaches fine art to students in the local public school in the winters.  She sent me some of the best chocolate fudge she could make, and boy does it taste good!  If you’re in the area, make sure to check this landmark out, say hi for me, and also try Grandpa’s Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle, one of my favourites from my trip through the Northern Peninsula.

I don’t really want to share my gift, but I know some of my friends will likely get a sliver.  A very small sliver….

Now, Canadians, what should I send Heather in return?  I’m open to recommendations, but Maple Syrup will likely break, so lets come up with something original here!

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