The Bills are Back? Yes Please!

The Bills are back! With a new album that brings the band’s traditions back into the fore and new elements which make the album their best yet, The Bills played to a sell-out crowd at Victoria’s Alix Goolden Hall. Check out my review of their CD release concert over at Wave Maker Magazine, and if you’re anywhere near The Bills on their current tour, make sure to say hi for me!


Every location is defined by a musical flavour.  Music enters the canon and is permanently linked to that place – the Blues for the Mississippi delta, the jig or reel for Ireland, and surf rock for California.  With their fourth album, Yes Please, The Bills look to create a sound that generations to come will recognize as pure West Coast Canadian.

The Victoria-based folk “super group”, The Bills, have released their first album in eight years.  The 13-song Yes Please is likely to be the Juno-nominated band’s most complete work to date, which features original compositions and arrangements by the five currently touring members.  Releasing the album at Victoria’s Alix Goolden Hall on September 6, 2012, the band’s renewed energy was infectious.

“Everybody is better than ever,” said lead-singer and guitarist Chris Frye two days before the concert. “This is our home town, and we’re really excited.  We weren’t…

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