Going Postal: Summer Recap

The 14th award-winning podcast in written form about postcards!  Here’s your host…

Summer 2012 and the first weeks of September has been a great time for postcards in my life.  First there was the Summer 2012 plea, which was met with some interesting and some great results!  I received my first cards from Postcrossing (I’m now at 13 by the way), I was puzzled by anonymous senders, and now I’m recapping it all with this post.

As I’ve been organizing my incoming cards and letters I’ve debated how to best show them off.  Uploading photos to WordPress, as many of you will attest to, can be an expensive and time-consuming procedure and I’m wary of how much (and soon to be how little) space I have remaining before I have to pay.  So, instead of uploading a picture of each card that I receive, why not browse them in the comfort of my Flickr account’s Postcard section?

As I update the Flickr site, more and more postcards (in fact, all that I receive) will be uploaded there where I have unlimited uploading space.  WordPress has the capability of showing photos from other sites through their URL which doesn’t take up space, but since Flickr doesn’t allow sharing there are no URLs finishing with “.jpg” so WordPress can’t grab the photo…  Now that being said, I think I’ve figured out a way of getting the direct URL link, but if I get lazy in the future, just go to the photostream!

I would love to highlight them all (and I did from my Dad’s American Vacation) but with all the stories the post would be huge.  Here are some of the highlights:

This card of old Riga’s harbour (c.1890) is one of my favourites from this summer.  Liene S. sent it to me through Postcrossing and picked this because I like historical pictures.  The photographer is unknown, but it is from the collection of the National History Museum of Latvia.  The card talked about the weather changing to Fall and a bit about Liene.  I love the boat as the focal point and the buildings behind!

This card came to me from Dena who actually lives in Brisbane, but the shot of Flinders Street is quite amazing.  The building and the trams sure make this a place I want to go!

My cousin Jesse Lammers sent me this…gem of a postcard.  I don’t know what it is about the Dutch, they are crazy!  The photo is by Nancy Rica Schiff from New York and that’s all I know about it.  The postman must think my house is so weird…

In a similar vein, this card came to me from Tanya in the Ukraine.  I asked it was her (my mom totally thought I had some crazy Eastern European woman conning me) but she says it is not.  It was from the “Drying” exhibition in Krivoy Rog, a really cool art concept where photos were displayed on clothes lines (and bagels were handed out it seems).  Learn more here, but you’ll have to translate the page from Russian (Google Chrome does it automatically).  The card also featured stamps from Euro 2012!

This great card of some old pilots came from Estonia.  I’m a big aviation buff and also a history student, so this is a top card as well.  Cool historical stamp too about the deportation of Estonians from 1941-1945.  Definitely need to do some research about that!

Of course where would I be without a mention to The Netherlands (ok, it’s my second, but the first was family!)?  This cool card shows some of the many lighthouses that dot the Dutch coast.  I only saw one lighthouse in my time in Holland, so this is sparking some serious interest in returning there and taking some pictures!  Thanks Monique for sending this one to me!

This is my token mystery postcard for this post.  This beautiful coastal scene was sent to me on a card that has a typed back and looks to be completely sponsored by Samsung!  Postage paid from Guernsey, the writer (“Daire”) describes Haapsalu in Estonia, only a hundred kilometres from the capital.  There is no information on photographer, manufacturer, or anything other than a Samsung ad and the “Worldwide Paralympic Partner” logo.  The only hint I have is the prompt to download the mobile app for TouchNote, an online creator postcards from people’s photos.  The last mystery is the postage is from Guernsey but the writer is from Estonia….  Here’s the back with the sender’s email blacked out:Lastly, here’s a card I received from Sweden just yesterday.  I think this art of a 1923 Scania-Vabis, the first postal bus, is very sweet, and the effort of the sender to find me stamps about ice cream (because I love ice cream) was a nice touch!

Thanks everyone, keep sending in those cards, and don’t forget to visit the Flickr page!











5 responses to “Going Postal: Summer Recap

  1. Happy Fall! Keep your eyes peeled in the mail for a rather… tedious… incoming. Tedious for the postal worker’s job, at least. I love making the posties work!!!

    • oh, sounds interesting… I try to keep them employed, not make it too hard for them. I have this base fear they’ll just give my mail to the garbage if I get too mean 😛 I’ll let you know when I get it!

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