Album Review: The Autumn Portrait’s “Tired Love”

Here’s my latest at Wave Maker Magazine, a review of The Autumn Portrait’s sophomore album “Tired Love.” I liked it, find out why after the jump…


I tend to become very skeptical when I hear of a new singer-songwriter releasing an album about heartbreak or lost love.  I’ve heard it all before, I think. My friends also say that nobody can top off Taylor Swift for heartbreak songs anyways (although I don’t listen to her music, so who am I to judge?!).  Thank goodness for the The Autumn Portrait who opened my eyes!

Freddie Mojallal is a West Coaster transplanted to Toronto. He performs as The Autumn Portrait and brings heartfelt, honest lyrics and well-crafted folk music to the forefront with his sophomore full-length album, Tired Love, which was released on October 2nd of this year.

The nine songs on the album meld upbeat acoustic guitar and simple arrangements with mournful lyrics sung often in close harmony. The opening song’s lyrics: “It’s good to see you happy/I never wanted anything else/I love to see you smiling/Even…

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