Happy 6,000!

Hello readers!

This is a quick letter to you, who have just visited by site for the 6,000th time in 367 days!  That is pretty impressive, and way beyond what I expected when I started this adventure.  THANK YOU!

I know I have not been the most consistent, and I tend to promise things that I don’t always follow through with, but like a perfect lover you still come back and forgive my slip ups.  I was thinking I wouldn’t be posting much this Spring (again, I know…) but it looks like certain things might be cleared off my schedule starting in February so I look forward to bringing you more and in a more consistent fashion.

Things to look forward to in the 2013 season are: The Hobbit review part 2 (almost finished), catching up on Doctor Who episode reviews (including my Christmas episode explosion which may be in multiple parts) before the re-start of season 7, CBC Canada Reads book reviews (CBC has asked me to read along with the celebrity champions and I’m going to try to read as many as I can before February 10 and blog a short review about each one), and plenty of postcard updates and more photos on the Flickr page.  You’ll also see much more history-related content hidden among the nerdy, collectible, and musical posts.  I have been busy with my Honours degree the past six months and continue to find really interesting things I’d to share, like this Smithsonian Postal History journal and these Doctor Who stamps!

You’ll also see me in a few other places online as well as I hope to get back to some volunteer writing for other sites.  It should be a great year and I hope to see 6,000 or more of you come back to enjoy it with me!  Until then, Happy 1st Birthday to this blog, and thank you and many happy returns to you the readers.

Ben Fast


2 responses to “Happy 6,000!

    • Haha, thanks! And I know, I’m already registered in the draw with the Royal Mail (I think I am, thought it might only be for UK residents) so I’m very excited. I even bought a disappearing TARDIS mug on Thursday! Thanks for being one of the 6,000!

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