Going Postal: The Fall Issue

#15.  That’s half way to 30.  Or also 1/27th of the way to 405, but who’s counting?  This is still #15

There haven’t been too many posts in the postcard world (my blog) since early autumn.  The reason for this is mainly because of school, but also because I haven’t received too many recently.  But I thought I’d recap, just like I did for the summer, so that you could see some interesting ones that have landed in my mail box between September and December.

I’ve also included some of my Postcrossing stats below because I think it’s really cool to see where they come from and what the sending trends are.

I’ve had some great cards from Riga this year (see my Summer post), and this engraving of old Riga is pretty cool! I love the boats.

This one from the Stone Forest of Yunnan, China isn’t really my favourite one, but the snow made it perfect for a November arrival.  I’m interested in this natural phenomenon, but don’t really know much about it.  I wonder if my cousin Brennan went there when he lived in China?

This was a really cool card to receive.  Not only is the subject very interesting (especially for a European history major) as it celebrated the 20th anniversary of democracy in unified Germany, but the message also showed great insight into how Germans think they are remembered.  The sender, Julie, wrote that it was sad that so many people – in her opinion – still think of Germans as nothing by Nazis.  As a history student who has studied both the Second World War and its aftermath (cultural and political) it is interesting to hear how a German person views other people’s perceptions of their history.  It’s also interesting because I don’t agree with her.  I hope most people don’t think of Germans as all Nazis, and while popular culture still heavily relies on the Nazi story-line, I think most people know the difference.  At least I hope they do…

And how about this beauty sent from my friend George from his recent trip to Stockholm?  Does anybody else just want to move there now?

What a great way to get inspired by post!

Postcrossing Stats

One really awesome Postcrossing feature provides their senders with stats each month about how many cards were sent/received, where they went, and how long it took to get there.  Now, I don’t send too many postcards each month, so it’s cool to see the waves of sending and receiving.  Usually one month is high in sent cards but low in received cards, and then it flips.  Kinda nice aesthetic if I may say so!  However, because of lack of stamp money and time, December started falling off…

Here are my stats from September to December 2012:

Sent/Received activity, a nice oscillating wave at the beginning, and then December...

Sent/Received activity, a nice oscillating wave at the beginning, and then December…

All the countries I've interacted with between Sept and Dec 2012.  Tops: Germany (10), Netherlands (8), USA/Poland (4).

All the countries I’ve interacted with between Sept and Dec 2012. Tops: Germany (10), Netherlands (8), USA/Poland (4).

Well, that’s it for the Fall of 2012.  Send me some postcards and I’ll have something to write in 2013!


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