CGTW: Microfilms


For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, a microform is a photographic negative of an original text document (usually) that is about 1/25th of the original document’s size.  Viewed through a massive projector-type apparatus or scanned digitally by computer, the microfilms allow decent quality viewing of items too fragile or too far away.

Part of the A City Goes to War project is the digitization of newspaper articles from the Victoria Daily Times from 1913-1919.  The Victoria Daily Times was the afternoon paper for Victoria at the time and eventually merged with the British Colonist (the morning paper, also being digitized for the project) to become today’s Times Colonist.

While we would all love to be able to digitize ALL items from the Victoria Daily Times, our mandate, time, and budget only allows us to get a sampling of articles relating to the city and the war from the Great War period.  Articles of interest include ones about soldiers from Victoria, army activities within the city, major events like sports or politics, the city’s development, and mentions of race relations.  These all help form a greater picture of what the city was like and how the city experienced the Great War.

Unfortunately, again due to time, we could only take articles from a few issues each month.  My average was 8-10 articles from five days each month within my two-year time frame (1915-1916).  This still ended up with thousands of images that I am currently behind in uploading to the website, but nonetheless there were far too many interesting pieces to leave behind.

To view all the images, check out our Victoria Daily Times document archive, or view some of my favourites down below.

Sgt. Tommy Gallon, a Victoria-based athlete, wounded at the Front. 15 December 1915, page 9

08 August 1916, page 11

23 August 1915, page 1



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