Soup: From Can to Bowl

I’ve started a trend.  Or at least a trend with myself.  I’ve become addicted to soup.

Sometimes I have trouble coming up with things to write (can you tell?  I haven’t posted anything for two months!) and when faced with cross-platform projects in UVic’s Writing 326: Digital Media for Storytellers class I knew this was one of those times.  What type of art do I do?  How do I tell a story?  What could I do without taking huge chunks of time away from my very important non-artistic history thesis???




Lightbulb moment.

Soup.  I love soup, it’s a great food.  It’s so great, in fact, you can have it as a drink too.  However you want it.

Why not make all my projects about soup?

First came the audio:

Then came the video:

I do not know what the future holds, but it will be very…soupy.  Lots of soup.  Bowls of it in fact.

I’m hungry now.


Special thanks to Dayna Clarke and Michael Louis for their help with the audio assignment, and to Mia Watkins for the camera and the company in the video.  Also, how do you like my first SoundCloud upload?


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