It’s hard to describe this blog.  I started blogging on a self-made art/culture blog which had some great success thanks to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival which I was able to attend with a press pass, and I coordinated some fun writing competitions, but the scope of the blog took a toll on me.  After months of putting off new posts and being scared away by formatting what became a massive (and often empty) site, I decided I had had enough.

Time for a change…

Cue @befaster, a blog dedicated to me.  Self-centered you may say, but I say why not?  I’m no different, no more unique, no more special than the next person on this blogging site, and while I may think I’m well-cultured and have good taste, I don’t pretend to know it all.  What I promise with this blog is to show you what I like, talk to you about it, and hopefully explore it.  Instead of a regimented blog about specifically “high art” and “culture” like my previous site (called The Work of Art Blog, in case you were wondering) full of promises of routine posts and regular columns, I’m going to post what I want when I want.  Most of the content will be on the same lines, but I’ve changed since Canada Day 2010, and so will my content.

This will be much more free-form than my last blog, one that is more attached to my name and thus my interests and passions.  I do promise, however, not to rant about my personal life.  There will be no attempt made to force-feed religious or moral stories or points of view.  I will simply talk about what I like and find interesting, and I will do it in a way that my grandmother will approve of.

Trying out my photobooth at Thanksgiving this year.  I don't pose well...

Trying out my photo booth at Thanksgiving this year. I don’t pose well…

So what’s in a name…?  The reason for this site being labelled “@befaster” is because I realized many of my online aliases were exactly that.  The page was born out of an interest of linking all those profiles together for the public to see what I do.

What do I do?  My name is Ben.  I’m from the beautiful town of Victoria, BC, on the west coast of Canada.  I’m a fourth generation Vancouver Islander and I’m proud of it.  I was born and raised here and it influences much of the way I live my life.  Currently I am a student in the local university doing a major in History (20th Century) with a Professional Writing Minor in Journalism and Publication.

I want a blog to showcase my writing but also to talk about my interests.  I am and have been quite involved in many areas of interests, often joking that I am a collector of collections and my hobby is having hobbies.  Currently I am a photographer, traveller, musician, writer, historian, scale modeller, and collector of postcards.  I work with youth at my church.

I’m also exploring what culture is and what it has to offer me and the masses.  This site will be a form of that exploration, one that is within and a part of pop-culture itself.  You will read how culture affects me, how I am involved in and with culture, and what culture I like.  Whether it is independent music or Doctor Who, up-to-date art trends or the dying breed of picture postcards (“I’m not dead yet!”), @befaster will be my way of voicing my culture.

I hope you explore it with me!


All work published on this blog and all photos taken by myself (listed as Benjamin Fast) are licensed with the Creative Commons license defined below.  All inquiries, please contact myself at benfastbf (at) gmail (dot) com.
Creative Commons License
This work by Benjamin Fast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://befasterblog.worpress.com/about.


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    • Holy smokes, I totally thought it was due on the 27th! I was planning all along to write it today 😛 Thanks for the update and for extending it. I still have no clue what to write…

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